Small companies Can Now Go Live on YouTube From their Desktops

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If you want your business to broadcast go on YouTube, you can now live stream without additional encoders or software on your desktop using Chromium. YouTube announced the new feature on the Official YouTube Creator Blog.

YouTube Live Streaming in Easier Way

The live streaming has recently been simplified to simply a few of clicks, YouTube says. Before the brand new feature, streaming live content entailed going through complicated setups. Users would have to apply encoding software to capture the content using their device and send it to YouTube to be live streamed.

With live coverage, small businesses can use video to have interaction with their customers and deliver value-added services. If you are a restaurateur, plumber or piano educator, you can use live video to offer cooking food lessons, teach basic domestic plumbing or a particular music piece. And best of all, it has recently been simplified so anybody can use it.

By streamlining the process, YouTube is looking to obtain more creators to use the live coverage feature, which is now an expanding trend among users and other platforms. Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope and Twitch all provide the same capability.

YouTube tested the feature with creators, who were utilizing it for beauty tutorials, fan improvements and product reviews before rendering it available to all users.

As of now, you can only use the new service on Chrome, but Vadim Lavrusik, Live Video Product Director for YouTube, said in the recent YouTube article, other browsers will soon be included. The functions will also extend to mobile phones. Lavrusik says you will be able to get started on a live stream directly from the camera iPhone app in select devices in the coming a few months, including some from Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. But Lavrusik procedes say the company’s goal is to make the feature available on more devices using its new YouTube Mobile Live profound link throughout the 12 months.

Third-Party Developer for Your E-commerce Website

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Everyone nowadays is building their own websites using CMSs like WordPress. Surely, if you build your own website, you can save a lot of money that may go to a developer. However, it’s very important to think twice about doing that, especially if you are building an ecommerce website. Online shopping sites should be professionally built and require more skill. If you are designing a personal blog, then you can easily do it using WordPress. But ecommerce websites require more components and tighter security protocols. You may really need a professional developer. Read ahead to find out exactly when you should forgo your own skills and spend money hiring a professional web developer:

When You Don’t Understand the CMS

For ecommerce websites, WordPress is not always the best CMS to use. There are more specialised CMSs for ecommerce sites like Magento. You can take advantage of advanced features built exclusively for ecommerce websites using a CMS like Magento. Unfortunately, Magento is not as easy to use as WordPress for beginners. It’s definitely not a drag and drop CMS. If this is the case, you are better off paying for professional Magento developers to build your site. Pro developers know CMSs in and out. More importantly, they will tell you which CMS is best for your website.

When You Have Never Built a Website Before

Most CMSs nowadays are really easy to use and do not require any skill. Wiz, for example, allows users to drag and drop components to build a website. Of course, this makes site building much more accessible for those without training. However, if you plan on monetizing using your website, then you need to build it in a way to appeals to customers. Your site simply cannot look unprofessional or amateurish in any way. If you haven’t built a website before, you risk doing that. That’s why it’s worthwhile to hire professional developers. Your site will look professional, hence trustworthy enough for people to pay online.

When There’s Complicated Code Involved

Some online shopping sites are rather complex. There could be complicated code necessary to keep the shopping cart functioning properly or to keep the site highly secure. Without any technical skill, this is simply beyond the ability of newbies. You will need to hire a professional developer to execute complicated code. You may not even know what special requirements your site has. This is why it’s beneficial to have a professional look at everything.

When You Want to Incorporate SEO Techniques

SEO is not something that starts with the online marketing campaign. Some on-page SEO techniques should begin during the site building process. Some web developers are highly knowledgeable about such marketing needs. If you want to optimise your site to get good Google search result rankings, you will need to do some serious SEO. Pro web developers are well attuned to these things. Some developers, in fact, specialise in SEO-friendly site-building. You can benefit from the long term by hiring one of these professionals.

As you can see, building an ecommerce site is not as easy as it sounds. If you want your site to look and feel professional, it’s better to hire a developer than to go about it on your own.

Starting an E-Commerce Business – What You Need to Know

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If you are planning to start an e-commerce business, you are stepping into a highly competitive and lucrative business industry. Since everything is technologized these days, making money online has becoming incredibly easy. However, it is important for you to understand that starting an online business is not an easy task. If you want your business to be recognized and become successful, here are somethings that you need to take into consideration.

The Area

When it comes to online businesses, there are plenty of sectors that you can get into. You need to pick a sector which will enable you to make good money. Currently some of the famous e-commerce platforms are those that sell clothes, books and tech gadgets. Depending on your budget, you need to choose a sector that you can work with. You need to think about the target market too. If you are only going to serve people within your city, think about what kind of products they are most likely to purchase online. This kind of research needs to be done beforehand.

The Budget

Even though maintaining an online business does not cost you much money, starting an e-commerce platform requires a lot of cash. If you wish to ensure that your business platform is an efficient and attractive one, you need to have a good budget. Do not spend your money on unnecessary things. You need to save some cash for marketing and promotional activities too. Think about how much you can afford to invest on this business. Once you have a budget, stick to it. Do not go overboard.

The Website

When starting an e-commerce business, this must be your biggest concern. Your business entirely depends on how efficient and attractive your business is. So, when building your business website, you need to look for methods to increase its functionality. For example, using e-commerce platforms such as Magento will be a good decision, since it is one of the best e-commerce scripts in the current market. Using platforms such as this will make it easier for your customers to navigate around the website. This will easily make your website a famous and profitable one.

The Team

One of the best things about starting an online business is that you do not need a large team to operate it. You can get the work done with a limited number of employees. However, even if you have a small number of workers, it is important to ensure that they are talented and experienced. Make sure that they can handle the work without any issue. The employees must not only be knowledgeable about the industry, but they should be passionate about it too. If not, they will not feel motivated enough to do their work.

Apart from these four factors, there are plenty of other factors which you need to consider. This is why it is important for you to do your research well ahead. This way, you are less likely to make rookie errors. This will enable you to ensure that your business will be a successful one.

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